Megan A. C. Ellis has enjoyed writing since her madcap teen years. An avid reader, she has always enjoyed putting words to the page but didn’t get serious about it until she met James Frey in 2015. Megan was greatly inspired by his tale of incorporating a treasure hunt into his novel Endgame, and thought, “Wow. I want to be like that.”

She enrolled posthaste in the English program at the College of Southern Maryland, where she graduated with an Associate’s degree, and now has moved on to big kid school at the University of Maryland to complete her BA.

An intrepid traveler, Megan draws inspiration from the folklore of the countries she visits. Just in the past few years, she has been to New York, LA, Japan, Italy, France, and Scotland.

Megan focuses on fantasy, influenced by some of the greats – Tamora Pierce, Bruce Coville, and Christopher Paolini spring to mind. She loves fairies, dragons, mermaids, and all those other crazy made-up creatures we love to daydream about, but which would actually scare the pants off of us if we met them in real life. She also enjoys the company of normal animals, such as her four cats, Stark, Oliver, Bella, and Dewey who she shares with her husband (his name is not as important).

She also enjoys writing chick-lit and reading dystopian literature – two genres just begging for a cross-over. She is working on a piece of chick-lit right now, and her recently published pieces include a poem in the Connections Literary Magazine at the College of Southern Maryland, a fantasy prompt piece in the Maryland Independent, and six short story pieces in an art gallery at the Mattowoman Creek Arts Center. You can also find many of her delightful works on her blog – meganacellis.wordpress.com.

When Megan is neither writing nor traveling (and sometimes even when she is), you can find her participating in a myriad of hobbies – reading, sewing, baking, painting, photography, ceramics, and dressing up in silly costumes for renaissance festivals and comic conventions. You know, like a big ol’ nerd.

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